Air Treatment

Air Treatment

From compact inline filters all the way to multi tower desiccant dryers, we understand that a good compressed air system just isn’t complete without the proper air treatment downstream. We offer the best in Gardner Denver air treatment products helping to provide you with clean and reliable air whatever the application may be.




Oil / Water Separator

Excessive water/oil contaminants in compressed air can cause a lot of issues in production downline. Incorporating a dryer into your compressed air system is an effective way to reduce the dew point and minimize equipment and production issues caused by water vapor.

RNC Series
– 10-3000CFM
– Integrated Grade B filter
– Cold coalescing filter option
– Zero-loss drain 

Energy saving
RES/RSD Series
– 90-675CFM (RES)
– 800-3000 (RSD)
– Integrated Grade B filter
– Cold coalescing filter option
– Zero-loss drain 

High Temp/High Pressure
RHT/RHP Series
– 20-125 CFM (RHT)
– 180F High inlet temperature (RHT)
– 30-300 CFM (RHP)
– 725 PSIG High Pressure (RHP)
– Integrated grade B filter
– Zero-loss drain

Desiccant Heatless
DGH Series
– 40-5400 CFM
– Dewpoint to -100F
– Mounted filter packages
– Small footprint
– Consistent dewpoint

Desiccant External Heated
DHP/DPB Series
– 300-4300 CFM
– Dewpoint to -40F
– Mounted filter packages
– Energy management feature
– Critical use air treatment

MES/MMD Series
– 1.5-138 CFM
– Dewpoint to -40F
– No power source needed
– Point of use installation
– Optional digital purge control



Compressed air is often filled with unseen contaminants that can wreak havoc on end products and equipment. Gardner Denver filters provide your compressed air system with premium quality filtration for the three typical contaminant types:

  • Solid particles from ambient air which along with contaminating end products, can cause failure to pneumatic equipment, instruments, and controls.
  • Condensed water droplets from humidity in ambient air which can oxidize pipes and equipment.
  • Liquid oil and oil vapors introduced by compressor lubricants.

FIL Series (20-21,250 SCFM)

DST Series (5-30 SCFM)

FHT Series (100-11,400 SCFM)

FSG Series (20-350SCFM)



GD Pak