Air Treatment

Protecting Your Systems and Processes

Our complete range of Atlas Copco air treatment options ensure you are getting the correct air quality for your application, preventing pipework, corrosion, product spoilage, and premature failure of pneumatic equipment.

Desiccant Air Dryers

AD, BD, CD Desiccant Dryers

AD – Heated purge desiccant dryer

BD – Blower purge desiccant dryers combine air from an external blower, heat, and minimal compressed air

CD – Heatless desiccant air dryers use only compressed air as purge

MDG, MD, ND Drum dryers

MDG, MD, & ND rotary drum dryers delivery cost-effective dry and oil-free air. Ideal for Food & beverage, power generation, pharmaceuticals and other critical processes.

BD+, CD+, XD+ Desiccant Dryers

Energy-efficient. Ideal for high air demands, constant use and critical processes. With advance monitoring and control.

CD630 - 2
AC Dryer-800

Refrigerated Air Dryers

F Series Refrigerated dryer

Compact, low maintenance dryers that offer a 7C/45F pressure dewpoint.

FX Series refrigerated dryer

A high quality, robust dryer offering proven reliability.

FD/FD+ Refrigerated dryer

Incorporating advanced energy-saving features and low-pressure drops, the FD series offers a low life cycle cost and is the most silent in its class

Available in FD(VSD)+ which sets a new standard in reliability and energy efficiency

FX13 - 2

Compressed air filters & filtration solutions

SFA (Silicone free) UD, DD, PD

Atlas Copco offers a wide selection of filtration options to help deliver clean and pure air for any application.

Your compressed air may be contaminated with oil, dust, water, or any combination of these. Our inline filtration solutions offer an effective and convenient solution for removing these contaminants and saving you money.

Inline Filter-800
QD_PD_DD - 2

Condensate Treatment & drain solutions

OSC & OSS oil-water separators

Condensate from compressed air systems is often contaminated with oil that poses an environmental risk. Atlas copco oil-water separators ensure that this captured oil is handled in a safe and environmentally friendly way while maintaining compliance to local waste water disposal regulations.

Condensate management