500hp Compressor Building Package

“Two Atlas Copco GA200VSD Compressors sit inside the custom-built steel building”

Earlier this year we were approached by a customer to help design and build a custom compressor building that they would be able to drop on site and provide 250hp of compressed air with a backup.

Housing two Atlas Copco GA200VSD compressors, the final design of this custom built compressor building features a steel building with insulated walls, thermostatic louvres, HVAC and ducting to maintain optimal operating temps, and high quality aluminum piping that the customer can quickly tie into their existing air system.

We know the end user will be happy with all of the detail that has gone into making this a quality, user friendly package, and hopefully they enjoy it as much as we enjoyed putting this one together. 

Call us today and let us know how we can help with your compressed air needs!

Loading the custom built compressor building onto the truck

Loaded up and ready for the journey to its final destination