Sometimes emergencies happen. That’s why we maintain a fleet of rental equipment for situations where you need a solution asap. Whether it’s a portable compressor to supply plant air or a temporary air treatment solution like a desiccant dryer, you can be sure that Westron has a solution to keep you running.

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Portable Diesel Compressors

185 CFM$125$500$1,400
210 CFM$170$630$1,680
225 CFM$180$650$1,780
400 CFM$300$1,150$3,100
450 CFM$350$1,350$3,650
750 CFM$450$1,500$4,650
900 CFM$700$2,500$7,200
1600 CFM$800$3,000$9,500
1300 CFM
(High Press.)

AC Portable